The Verdala International School Refugee Scholarship Fund (VISFund) is a registered voluntary organisation.  The VISFund is managed by the Education Committee and the Board of Directors.

All Education Committee and Board of Directors members are volunteers with no remuneration paid to any member. This means ALL funds raised and donated are used for the scholarship.

Education Committee

The Education Committee operates independently from the Board of Directors. The Education Committee is responsible for assessing prospective candidates and providing ongoing support.  This two-body structure means educators focus on the needs of the scholarship recipients, and the Board of Directors focus on the fiduciaries, steering the organisation towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies.

The Education Committee is currently composed of:

Mrs. Totty ArisHead Of School, Verdala International School
LaTosha Parker JacksonHigh School Principal, Verdala International School
Lauren BorgDurable Solutions and Registration Assistant, UNHCR
Dr Colin CallejaHead of Education Department, University of Malta

Board of Directors

The Verdala International School Refugee Scholarship Fund Board (VISFund Board) is comprised of an appointee from the Verdala International School teaching department, an appointee of the from the Verdala International School administration department, the UNHCR and two elected parents.

The business of the VISFund is managed by the VISFund Board are collectively open and accountable to all those others who have an interest in its work. It is responsive to the needs and requests of the VISFund’s clients, namely those who benefit from its services, accommodating them when they are feasible and reasonable.

The Verdala International School Refugee Scholarship Fund Articles of Association are available using the link VISFund Articles

The VISFund Board is currently composed of:

Mr. Ben BrownBoard Chairperson
Mr. Jonathan ChiltonSecretary
Mr. Ivan CamilleriTreasurer
LaTosha Parker JacksonMember (Verdala High School Principal)
Samar MazloumMember (UNHCR Malta Representative)

If you would like to contact the VISFund Board of Directors, please e-mail